Year 9 Chemical Reactions SATs Revision

Easy quiz for 3-6 tier students based on chemical reactions for SATs revision. Also covers the gas tests.
What F would you see if a reaction between two liquids produced a gas?. What C is one sign that a chemical reaction has happened?. What H is a type of energy that gets produced in many chemical reactions?. What C is the scientific name for burning?. What R are the chemicals you have at the start of a reaction?. What P are chemicals that get made during a chemical reaction?. What C describes what happens to the total mass of the chemicals during a reaction?. What R happens to the atoms during a chemical reaction?. What E is a shorthand way of writing down what happens in a chemical reaction?. What H gets produced when a metal reacts with an acid?. What C gets produced when an acid reacts with a carbonate or when we respire?. What L is the liquid used to test if a gas is carbon dioxide?. What C happens to limewater if carbon dioxide is bubbled through it?. What P happens when you put a burning splint into hydrogen?. What R is what happens to a glowing splint when it is placed in oxygen?. What O is the part of the air required for burning?. What T is roughly the percentage of oxygen in the air?. What W is one of the products of respiration?. What R is a chemical reaction happening all the time in our bodies?. What G is one of the reactants needed for respiration?.
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