Psi, research techniques, case studies and definitions.
What T is a form of communication transmitted by the mind alone?. What P is a psychic communication about an event destined to happen in the future?. What M is the moving of visible objects with the power of the mind only?. What Z is the name of the cards commonly used in ESP tests?. What C is is the name of the method of research focused on one individual?. What R is the name of the famous haunting and poltergeist case?. What D is the name given to Ps who try to help the researcher?. What G is the name given to disbelievers in psi?. What E is the name of an experimenter effect?. What F is the name of an experimental method where the sender can choose any thought they want?. What M is the ganzfeld technique a type of?. What F is a criticism of researchers who select which results to publish?. What I is a personality type, typical of a shy person?. What R is a researcher regulary fooled, even by a psychic horse?. What C is psychic communication used by the likes of John Edwards?. What S is the name of a Russian who used his powers of ESP durinng the Cold War?. What R is an exptal method using cards with wavy lines, etc?. What U is the name of a famous spoon bender?. What O is the bboard used for contacting spirits?. What Z is the probability of you seeing a real ghost?.
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