Hard drive Technologies Quiz

Comptia A+ hard drive quiz
What P is another name for the aluminium disk inside a hard drive. What T is another name for 1024 gigabytes. What G is made up of CHS. What E is the lighly number of heads in a drive with four platters. What S is the universal atom of all hard drives. What B is the program stored on a CMOS flash memory chip. What J is used to define between the master and slave drive. What D allows certain hardware subsystems to access system memory bypassing the CPU . What L is an advanced sector translation method. What A is a standard that allowed non hard drive devices to be connected via ATA controllers. What S is a piece of software that predicts when a hard drive is going to fail. What S is a drive that you can be hot swapped. What P is an older type of hard drive. What C is may be used instead of master and slave. What S may have a 50-way or 68-way cable. What S is the maximum numbers of SCSI ID's available. What R is a collection of techniques that involve the use of multiple drives. What W is the first version of windows to have software RAID capabilities. What R is the colour of pin 1 on the 40-way hard drive cable. What F is the number of hard drives you can have on a system with two hard drive controllers .
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