AQA P1a Energy

Quiz covers the first part os AQA P1a (Collins) module - heat energy, convection, conduction, work, power and efficiency. Only very few tricky questions.
What F is the name given to all liquids and gases?. What C is the name given to heat transfer in metals?. What C describes the movement of heated fluids?. What P is the energy that a raised object has?. What K is the energy of a moving object?. What P describes the speed at which a machine does work?. What W is the product of force and distance?. What E can not be created or destroyed?. What T can be used to measure temperature?. What I is another name for thermal radiation?. What N is the unit of force?. What B is a store of chemical energy?. What H is the energy wasted by a phone charger?. What I is a very poor conductor heat?. What F E transfer energy in metals?. What J is the unit of energy?. What S is the name given to energy transfer diagrams?. What E describes how much energy a machine wastes?. What L is wasted in an electric bar heater?. What V describes the movement of heated particles?.
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