P3 - Radioactive Materials

Revision of the key terms for Foundation level unit of 21st Century Science unit P3 - Radioactive Materials.
What A is at type of radiation that contains two protons and two neutrons?. What B a type of radiation that is made from high energy electrons?. What G is a type of radiation that is a high energy form of light wave?. What U means that something is likely to break up or decay?. What H is the time it takes for the radioactivity of a material to decrease by 50%?. What I means that something can rip electrons of other atoms?. What G is used to detect ionizing radiation?. What C can be caused by ionizing radiation but can also be treated by it?. What D is found in all cells and can be damaged by ionizing radiation?. What P describes radiation that can travel through a material?. What L is a material that decreases but does not completely stop gamma radiation?. What S is a common safety device in houses that uses an alpha source?. What A is a material that completely stops alpha and beta particles?. What U is an ionizing radiation with much less power than gamma or x-rays?. What S means to kill bacteria, eg on food or medical equipment?. What N has about the same mass as a proton but about 2000 times more mass than an electron?. What P is the charge on an alpha particle or a proton?. What E is another word that describes a beta particle?. What P stops alpha particles but has little effect on beta particles or gamma rays?. What B is radiation that we are exposed to as part of our every day lives?.
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