Science vocabulary

Useful general science vocabulary suitable for revision for KS2 SATs
What B is two equal forces acting in opposite directions that cancel each other out?. What C is the tiny bits all living things are made from?. What C is something that allows electricity to pass through it?. What E happens when a liquid warms up and turns to gas?. What F is a force which gives us grip?. What I does not let water pass through?. What I is something which won't let electricity pass through?. What N is spring balance used to measure force?. What P is an organism in a food chain which makes its own food?. What U is a force which pushes back up from water, air, or a solid surface?. What P is animal which eats other animals?. What O is a part of the body with a special job to do?. What D happens when a solid is mixed into a liquid and just leaves a new liquid?. What P is the process of getting pollen from a flower to the stigma on another flower. What R is a change which can be made to go the other way?. What A means having special body features to allow a creature to live well in its habitat?. What G is a force which pulls us to towards the centre of the earth?. What C is turning a gas back into a liquid?. What F means separate solid bits from a liquid?. What C is a change which cannot be undone?.
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