Gaseous Exchange & Respiration

A quiz to help revise GCSE PE
What D is the dome shaped muscle that helps us breathe? . What T is the pipe that lets O2 and CO2 travel in and out of the body?. What C surround the alveoli and contain oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood?. What L are the main organs used for breathing?. What A is respiration using oxygen?. What OHMS is an event that uses anaerobic respiration?. What FM does the body use to produce energy?. What G is used in both aerobic and anaerobic respiration?. What A are tiny air sacs where gaseous exchange takes place?. What LA is a product of anaerobic respiration?. What CD is the gas exchanged with oxygen in the alveoli?. What A is the process of making energy without oxygen?. What M is an event using aerobic respiration?. What W is a waste product of aerobic respiration?. What IM are the muscles found in between the ribs that help us breathe?. What B are the air passages connected to the alveoli?. What ROTB is where oxygenated blood travels after leaving the alveoli? . What ITL is where Carbon Dioxide travels after leaving the alveoli?. What E is made through respiration?. What C is happens to the diaphragm when breathing?.
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