All keywords for ICT unit 7.4
What V is a number that is entered in a cell?. What F is used to perform calculations?. What E is a piece of software we use to understand models?. What R is created whenever a formula is used?. What P is the method of putting copied information into a new document?. What S is what we use Excel to produce?. What P is what we use spreadsheet models to solve?. What C is is a box within an Excel table?. What C is how we duplicate the contents of a cell?. What C is the type of Format we use to tell a cell it is money?. What F is to change the appearance of a cell?. What M do we use to solve a problem using a spreadsheet?. What E is the sign at the start of a formula?. What F is the method we use to quickly extend a pattern across a number of cells?. What S is represented by the - symbol?. What W is the name of a spreadsheet page?. What D is represented by the / symbol?. What A is the name of the currently selected cell?. What L is a word called when entered in a cell?. What V is the input and output of a spreadsheet.
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