Blockbuster on KS3 magnets for revision.
What E is an electric current around an iron core?. What P is the ends of a magnet?. What N is direction a compass needle points?. What I is a metal than can always be made magnetic?. What R is when magnets push away from each other?. What A is is when magnets pull each other closer together?. What D are small regions inside a magnet that are aligned?. What N is an example of a magnetic material?. What M is something that can be magnetic or non-magnetic?. What C is something that shows magnetic direction?. What F is a permanent magnet?. What S is a device that uses electromagnets to make sound?. What S is an advantage of an electromagnet?. What M is ore from which magnets derive their name?. What R is what two north poles do?. What A is what two south poles do?. What I is the phenomenon of making a metal magnetic with electricity?. What E is a very large magnet?. What F is the area that surrounds a magnet?. What A is what the domains must be for a metal to be magnetic?.
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