Abnormality, Topic 1 and 2 AQA(A) Syllabus
What S is behaviour which falls outside the range which is typical for most people?. What S is the approved and expected ways of behaving in a particular society?. What F is a definition which means unable to live a normal life?. What O is the unease and discomfort caused to a person by observing others' behaviour?. What I is behaviour which doesn't appear to be based on logic and reason (from Rosenhan's criteria)?. What U is behaviour which is unexpected?. What R devised the failure to function adequately criteria?. What J is the person associated with the deviation from ideal mental health definition?. What I is the definition which claims that the absence of normality indicates abnormality?. What A is an element from Jahoda's criteria?. What P is an element of Jahoda's criteria that relates to self awareness?. What A is an element from Jahoda's criteria that relates to seeing the world without distortion?. What C is the learned and shared behaviour of a group of people and society?. What E is judging, interpreting and evaluating other cultures in the standards of one's own?. What E is a treatment method adopted by the biological model?. What C is something in the brain that causes mental disorder according to the biological model?. What D is a defence mechanism in Freud's psycho-dynamic theory?. What S in Freud's theory represents a person's conscience?. What S is the therapy used by the behavioural model?. What F is a form of therapy used by the psycho dynamic model?.
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