KS3 spreadsheets

Spreadsheets quiz suitable for years 9 10 and 11.
We use data validation to help insure inputs are what?. What C is is a type of chart we can create in Excel?. What R is the way of naming of a particular cell?. What F is the way of changing the appearance of text or cells?. What N is usually entered into cells in order to make charts?. What S is a function used to put table data into a particular order?. What E is the spreadsheet program created by Microsoft?. What M is when you create one large cell from 2 or more other cells?. What L is the layout where a page is printed sideways?. What M is the parts around the outside where the printer cannot reach?. What P must be done to raw data in order for it to become information?. What U can be done to text to highlight it?. What T is the main method of storing data in spreadsheets and databases?. What Y is the left hand side of a chart or graph?. What H is text that prints at the very top of the page?. What D are the raw words and numbers entered into a spreadsheet. What G is a graphical representation of the data in a table?. What Q happens to a program when you hit the red X? . What V is the name for numbers that are meant to be changed in a spreadsheet?. What W is the program that is used with spreadsheets to do a mail-merge?.
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