Easy quiz based on Animals
What O is a nocturnal bird?. What T is a vertebrate with a shell?. What C lives in the desert?. What G is a vertebrate normally won at a fair? . What D is a mammal that has an average litter of six puppies?. What P is a group of lions?. What Z is stripey?. What B is blind and finds its way using sound waves?. What C can be tabby, ginger or black and white?. What O has eight slippery tentacles?. What F is a vertebrate that goes well with chips?. What B lives in a den and only comes out at night?. What T lives in the jungle and is very fierce?. What M lives in a hole in the skirting-board?. What M traditionally eats bananas?. What W is Pumba from the 'Lion King'?. What R is Bugs Bunny?. What R carried the Black Plague?. What D is Bambi and lives in the forest?. What G has horns on its head and lives on a farm?.
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