OCR A2 Crime Testimony and Courtroom

OCR Psychology and Crime, topics - courtroom and testimony.
What L found that leading questions can affect memory?. What Y found that eye witness testimony is reliable?. What C is the condition in Loftus and Messo where the suspect was more likely to be identified?. What U is a possible cause for the weapons focus effect?. What W was the low threat, low unusualness condition in the Pickel study?. What C is a study on the effectiveness of photo-fit?. What S was the type of line-up that was most effective in the Cutler and Penrod study?. What C is the most effective form of interview?. What F is a study examining the effectiveness of the cognitive interview?. What S is a pretend jury that sits in the public gallery but still makes a verdict?. What M is a common way to investigate the Psychology of the Courtroom?. What P investigated primacy effect among jurors?. What U made Pennington's sample unrepresentative?. What J is a questionnaire to measure if a juror is biased?. What P is a study about the effect of pre-trial publicity?. What A is what Castellow found a defendant should try to be?. What P is a way to make giving evidence in court easier for children?. What S is the crime the defendant was accused of in Castellow's study?. What E is an issue when psychologists conduct research about the courtroom?. What W was the low threat, low unusualness condition in the Pickel study?.
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