OCR A2 Crime; Victims and Police

Questions on victims of crime and police and crime form OCR A2 spec.
What L is a dimension of personality that can determine our victim response?. What B is the psychologist who discovered a negative psychological impact of burglary victimisation?. What D is more likely to happen to older victims of crime according to Donaldson?. What N is the type of experiment conducted on victims of crime?. What D is when the media focus on sensational and horrific crimes even though they are rare?. What H is the psychologist who discovered a link between fear of crime and newspaper reading habits?. What D is estimate of unrecorded crime?. What A is the psychologist who claimed police officers show certain personality charateristics?. What MBTI is the personality test used in the study on poilce personality?. What P is a personality test?. What BR are the pscyhologists who investigated the way in which police process suspects?. What CI is a new way of improving the recall of witnesses in interviews?. What H is psychologist who investigated the ease of eliciting a false confessions?. What F is type of experment conducted by Fisher et al.?. What V are self report measures low in?. The use of what S makes the sample in the study on false confessions low in representativeness?. What D is an ethical issue that questioning victims of crime might raise?. What H is when the age of a study decreases its generalisability?. What S is the key that the particpants in the false confession study were not supposed to press?. What does the E stand for in the most common type of police personality?.
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