Database key words quiz, designed for use with Key Stage 3 students.
What A is a program you can use to create a database?. What C is the format you would use for a cell containing money?. What D is an organised collection of data?. What E is something you can do to get data out of a database?. What F is something you would put on the bottom of a database report?. What G is something you could add to a report to illustrate numbers more effectively?. What H is something you might find at the top of a spreadsheet?. What I is a way of getting data into a database?. What K is a field on the database which uniquely identifies a record?. What L is a type of check to make sure an item of data is not too long?. What M is a data type used for long strings of text?. What N is the data type you would use for someoneís age?. What P is the key which uniquely identifies a record?. What Q is something you could use to find data in a database?. What R is kind of check you would use to make sure a number falls between two values?. What S is something you would do to data to put it in order?. What T is the data type you would use for a personís name?. What U is occurs as a result of changing data in a database?. What V is a type of rule used to make sure data entered into a database is correct?. What W is something used in queries to replace characters or letters?.
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