OCR A2 Crime, Thinking and Punishment

OCR A2 Crime, Thinking Patterns and Punishments
What K thought up a theory on Moral Development?. What F thought up a theory on Psychodynamics?. What P is a big study in Thinking Patterns?. What FAE is a common mistake we all make?. What B is a study that looked Violence Inhibition?. What C do we use to come to a decision?. What H is a study that looks at reasons for burglary?. What C is a type of punishment in prison?. What P is a type of punishment out of prison?. What W is the name of study that evaluated punishments?. What T is a treatment program that rewards good behaviour?. What A is a treatment that stops you blowing a fuse?. What I is a study that evaluated anger management?. What T is locking windows and doors to reduce crime?. What N thought up a theory of Defensible Space?. What V is a high rise estate in New York?. What B is a low rise estate in New York?. What V is to do with measurement?. What R is to do with consistency?. What R is a better word to describe re-offending?.
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