Food Quiz With Pronouns

Food quiz for Entry Level One students.
What A is fruit?. What B is meat from a pig that some people like for breakfast?. What C is spicy food from India that British people like?. What D is a meal I eat with my friends?. What E comes from chickens and can be used to make make lots of different meals?. What F is a verb - to cook something in hot oil?. What G is an adjective to describe food with too much oil?. What H come from McDonalds?. What I is the country where curry comes from?. What K is a fast food restaurant famous for chicken?. What L is meal we eat in the middle of the day?. What M is a kind of food that comes from animals?. What O is a fruit and a colour?. What P is a food from Italy, for example spaghetti and macaroni ?. Fast food is very Q**** to buy.. What R is and adjective for food that isn't cooked?. What S is an adjective for food with sugar in it?. What T is an adjective to describe food that we like?. What V is someone who doesn't eat meat?. What W is one kind of bread?.
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