A test of key words and figures involved in the study of social conformity. It fits with the AQA psychology specification for AS level examination.
What A studied conformity using a series of lines of different size?. What N is the word to describe a type of conformity where you try to fit in with others?. What I is a type of conformity where you look to others for the answer?. What M is the type of social influence studied by Moscovici?. What C is the subject matter that Moscivici's confederates tried to convince other participants of?. What S studied conformity using the autokinetic effect?. What C is publicly acting in accordance with the wishes of others?. What A is privately agreeing with the views or wishes of others?. What A is the name given to the effect when a dot of light appears to move in a darkened room?. What C is what happens when a group of opinions gradually moves towards one another?. What C is the name of the person in a study who is 'in on it'?. What A is a term that means someone else who disagrees with the majority answer?. What P is one half of the team that repeated Asch's experiment with engineering students?. What S is the first half of the team that conducted a cross cultural meta analysis of Asch's study. What C is the characteristic that was shown to be most influential in minority influence?. What C carried out a role play experiment of the Twelve Angry Men?. What L devised the social impact theory?. What S describes a type of minority influence where one becomes two, becomes four etc?. What D describes what happens when a group experiences social cryptoamnesia?. What K formulated the attribution theory?.
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