Comuputer Acronyms

This quiz is used to help beginners get used to the the technical terms used with basic computer components.
What R is volatile memory?. What C is known as the brains of a computer?. What A is a type of graphics port?. What P is the box that supplies the electricity to the computer?. What U is used for connecting peripherals to the computer?. What D is a type of memory module slot on the motherboard?. What B is accessed first of all when booting the computer?. What P is first test the computer does to see if the computer is able to boot?. What P is an expansion slot in on the motherboard?. What L is small light on the front of the compter?. What R is Memory that cannot be changed Non Volatile?. What M is used to hold all the major components in the computer?. What G is used to send images to the monitor?. What H is used to store data for future use?. What F is a small drive on the front of a computer?. What D is used to store large films?. What K is an Input device?. What M is a pointing device?. What T is flat screen monitor?. What E is the E in PCI-E?.
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