Uses of radioisotopes

OCR P4 Add. Uses of radioisotopes
What R is a radioactive isotope?. What C is used to date once living objects?. What U is used to date rocks?. What C is found in living things?. What U is a radioactive element?. What L is what uranium eventually becomes?. What D is a series showing what happens to a radioactive atom over time?. What N are several of the central parts of atoms?. What D is what is left over after nuclear decay?. What A is a type of radiation?. What B is a type of radiation?. What G is a type of radiation?. What S uses americium-241?. What T is used to look inside peoples bodies? . What L is what beta radiation can be used to detect?. What A is the source in a smoke alarm?. What B is natural radiation found in the environment?. What I is what happens when nuclear radiation travels through matter?. What H is the time take for a substance undergoing decay to decrease by half?. What G is used to detect radiation?.
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