Heat and conduction

Contains questions on conduction (no other transfers). fits nicely at the start of year 8 heat topic.
What C is the transfer of heat energy through a solid?. What T is what the prtcles must be doing for conduction to happen?. What V is the only movement particles in a solid can do?. What M is one factor that affects how much energy a hot object contains?. What T is one factor that affects how much energy a hot object contains?. What S is the state of matter in which conduction happens best?. What E is heat a form of?. What J is heat energy measured in?. What C is temperature measured in?. What I are materials that do not conduct heat?. What M are the types of material that are good at conducting?. What M is usually high in materials that are good conductors?. What T is movement of energy from one place / type to another?. What F describes the position of particles in a solid?. What P is a material made from oil that is a good insultor?. What Q desribes how heat travels through a good conductor?. What G is the state of matter that is the best insulator?. What T should only take in a small amount of heat enery if it is to work accurately?. What B is a result of your skin being in contact with too much heat energy?. What S is the bodies temperature sensor?.
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