Smoking and its effects

A quiz about the effects of smoking!
What N makes smoking addictive?. What T is a cancer causing chemical?. What CM is a poisonous gas contained in cigarette smoke?. What C are the tiny hairs inside the lungs?. What C do you smoke?. What H D do you get from smoking?. What B P rises when you smoke?. What P rises when you smoke?. What O returns to normal when you quit smoking?. What C is caused by smoking?. What C will improve from stopping smoking?. What B may be effected by smokers?. What M builds up in the lungs when you smoke?. What Q is a great achievment for a smoker?. What H A can be caused by smoking?. What D is a great risk to smokers?. What H is a place where many smokers end up?. What C start smoking every year?. What T is contained in cigarrets?. What Y describes a smokers skin?.
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