8L Sound and Hearing (Spectrum) year 8

Keywords from Spectrum 8L scheme of work.
What E is the organ used to hear?. What V is a fast backwards and forwards movement that repeats many times?. What S vibrates on a guitar?. What O is the instrument used to visualise (see) sound waves?. What V is in space?. What S is the place where no sound can be heard?. What D is the unit that the loudness of a sound is measured in?. What P is a measure of how high or low something sounds?. What E is the way that bats hear?. What E vibrates in the ear to pass the sound on?. What S is the state of matter that sound travels fastest through?. What N P is sometimes used to describe unwanted loud sounds?. What A is the way to describe the height of waves on an oscilloscope?. What F is used to describe the number of vibrations per second?. What H is the unit to measure frequency?. What D is used to describe people who cannot hear?. What C is the part of the ear which converts vibrations to electrical signals?. What C is the third largest member of the violin family?. What P vibrates to pass on a sound?. What A N is the nerve which transmits electrical signals from the ear to the brain?.
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