C & G Excel Level 3

This quiz is designed for students studying spreadsheets at Level 3. It was originally created for further education students studying City & Guilds to reinforce and consolidate their learning.
What A links the contents of cells when working with text functions?. What AF in Database functions allows you to copy the results of the criteria to another location?. What C refers to cells going vertically down a spreadsheet?. What D is a function that returns the 15 in the following date format:. What DF allows the setting of conditions that allows you to extract selected records from a list and. What F is a built-in formula?. What S can be used to order values based on specified criteria?. What F is a pre-designed calculation?. What FF would be used in calculating things to do with money?. What F is a function that retrieves one text string within another and returns its position?. What H is used to look up a table of values in rows, displaying the value that matches the criteria?. What L is a function that returns a specified number of character(s) from the left of a text string?. What L converts text into lower case?. What M is a function that returns a specific number of characters from the centre of a string?. What N is a function that returns the current date and time?. What NR can be used instead referring to a cell or cells by a column/row reference, such as A1 or B2. What function P is a constant used for calculations in trigonometry?. What R returns a number to the specified length or precision?. What R refers to cells going horizontally across a spreadsheet?. What R reduces a number to the nearest multiple of another?.
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