Year 7 - Business Documents Keyword Quiz

This quiz is designed for year 7's who have been creating business documents. It could also be used with year 8's and low set year 9's as well.
What C makes a company instantly recognisable?. What A describes the people a document or presentation is aimed at?. What G is used to attach specific components of a document to each other so they all move together?. What N do businesses use to give information to their customers?. What P is a Microsoft application that can be used to create business documents?. What G are pictures, images and logos examples of?. What I is another name for a picture or photo?. What L is a symbol designed for easy identification of a company or school?. What P can be used to protect your documents so other people canít read them?. What C are used to divide a page is vertical sections?. What L has a companyís name, address, telephone number and logo and is printed on their documents?. What H is the title of an article in a newsletter?. What BL is a formal document used to communicate with customers?. What PB is an outline or summary of a series of tasks that need to be completed?. What TW causes the next piece of text to go onto a new line when you reach the end of a line?. What T can be found at the top of your screen and contain icons that can be clicked to do something?. What F is a tern that describes how appropriate a picture, text or document is?. What T allows many documents to be created with the same layout?. What A is something that should always be included in a letterhead?. What E means to assess or examine something in order to judge its value?.
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