introduction to psychology

A plenary for use after an introduction to psychology lesson. Covers some approaches and famous psychologists.
Which F is the father of Psychodynamics?. Which P is associated with a salivating dog?. What C can be either classical or operant?. What S is the prison where Zimbardo did his experiment?. What B is the approach that relies on physiological evidence?. What B is the human and animal B that is studied by psychologists?. What E is part of our make-up according to Freud?. What I represents the consciousness and unconsciousness of thought?. What C is an approach that looks at how we think?. Which M is the psychologists who studied conformity?. What C is a type of conditioning?. What O is a type of conditioning?. What D were used in Pavlov's conditioning experiment?. What Ds are analysed by followers of Freud?. What R must be systematically carried out in order for psychology to be considered scientific? . Which B is an entertainer who uses psychology in his TV act?. Which A is a psychologist who studied attachment types in infants?. What P is an approach associated with Freud?. What C is when people like to behave as others do?. What G is one aspect of the biological approach?.
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