Be a Business Blockbuster

Year 10 Business Quiz
What O is anything a business wants to achieve?. What P is in PLC?. What P is a type of business ownership?. What L is in Ltd and PLC?. What S can you buy in a Limited company?. What S is everyone affected by a business?. What O is the cost of the next best option?. What F is the number of P's in the Marketing Mix?. What M is the famous motivation theorist who used a triangle diagram?. What H is the motivation theorist who came up with the idea of Hygiene Factors?. What B is a plan for a company's income and expenditure?. What C is the people the business owes money to?. What D are the people who owe the business money?. What A are what the business owns?. What L is what the business owes and are the opposite of assets?. What L is in the P&L?. What G is in GDP?. What B is the level of output where the firm just covers its costs?. What M is when two firms agree to join together?. What T is when one firm buys another one?.
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