Mr Millicheap's End of Year Technology Quiz

Simple quiz to explain keywords used throughout year 9 Resistant Materials.
What P is a fast growing softwood?. What M is a popular manufactured board?. What C is used for cutting openings in acrylic?. What P is a metal alloy used for casting in schools?. What P is used for machining holes in materials?. What F is used for smoothing materials?. What L is a symbol that represents a brand or company?. What F is also known as a reciprocating saw?. What M is used for marking parallel lines on timber?. What S is used for measuring out materials?. What J is used for cutting metals and plastics?. What T is used to cut wood?. What P is made of several layers of wood?. What T is used to mark out right angles?. What V is used to hold work?. What L is a simple woodworking joint?. What B is the most simple of all wood joints?. What L is used to bend acrylic?. What B is the area where metals are heated in the workshop?. What C is a process to reform metals by melting them and pouring them into a mold?.
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