Personality and Motivation

Personality and Motivation Quiz for BTEC National Diploma/certificate in Sports Studies - unit Psychology for Sports Performance.
What M is the drive to fulfil a need?. What P is the sum total of an individual's characteristics that make him unique?. What T is a word used to describe personality characteristics?. What E is someone who seeks social situations and likes excitement?. What N is someone who is highly anxious and has unpredictable emotions?. What M is the name given to observing and copying significant others?. What S is the theory that our personality is influenced by the behaviour of others?. What theory suggests personality is a combination of both natural traits and situation we are in?. What S is a personality that does not swing from one emotion to the other?. What I does not seek social situations and likes peace and quiet?. What P is an intangible reward?. What T is a reward that you can touch or feel?. What T is the type of personality who is impatient and lacks tolerance?. What A is the theory about how people explain things?. What Z is the name of the BBC Sports Personality of the year 2006?. What R is the name of the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the year 2006?. What F is an intrinsic motive to play sport?. What D is the motor racing driver who won the BBC Sports Personality in 1994 and 1996? . What S is the British rower who won 5 Golds in 5 Olympic Games?. What K is the British woman who won a double gold in the 2004 Olympic Games?.
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