Evolutionary Explanations of behaviour

Evolutionary explanations of human behaviour unit 4 exam for A2 Psychology (AQA Spec A)
What I can explain why depression is adaptive?. What I is defined as competition between the sexes?. What I is female choosiness?. What A describes a trait that is useful in the gene pool?. What B is manic depression?. What P completes Seligman's biolgical...?. What P are an example of an anxiety disorder?. What B is a psychologist who studied mate preference?. What D gazed at lonely heart columns as part of his research?. What R is a simple explantion that may overlook detail?. What M describes identical twins?. What B correlated harmful and ugly animals?. What E measures the size of brain to body ratio?. What M is intelligence that requires cunning and trickery?. What F is the term for finding food?. What E is the period of time where humans began to adapt. What W did Singh suggest was a physical indicator in attraction?. What C is an important and attractive element of manic depression?. What C can be measured in twin studies?. What T produced the parental investment theory?.
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