This is a networking quiz for year 7 pupils
What P do you need to log on to the computer network?. What C is the middle word in ICT?. What C do you need to connect computers together?. What N do you call 2 or more connected computers?. What D do you use to store your work on?. What S do you do with information on a network?. What H are people who access networks without permission?. What V can spread throughout a computer network?. What K do you use to enter information into a computer?. What M squeaks and is also classed as computer hardware?. What I is an example of a very large network?. What S allows you to hear sounds from a computer?. What does the T in ICT stand for?. What U do you need to log onto the school network?. What V is the first word in VLE?. What W is the third word in WWW?. What M do you need to connect to the Internet through a phone line?. What B did we use for information before computers?. What D is the first word in DVD?. What L is what you do when you access a network?.
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