Parts of a network

Suitable for use with A2 OCR 2515 Networks
What N links computers together to share resources and data?. What L links computers in a limited area?. What W links computers over a wide area?. What S manages network resources?. What R replicates a signal?. What R forwards data packets along networks?. What B connects two local area networks?. What G serves as an entrance to another network?. What P is an agreed format or set of rules?. What B is a network where computers are linked by a single loop circuit?. What R is a network where computers are connected serially to one another?. What S is a network where there is a central hub?. What S allows a direct connection between two machines to avoid collisions?. What H allows computers to share data packets within a network?. What N allows the signal from the network to be transmitted to the machine?. What T is the manner in which the cable is run to individual workstations on the network?. What P supplies authorised internal users with web pages?. What T is another name for computer?. What P allows all computers on a network to print?. What F ensures all data is kept safe and can be found?.
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