Stress, Anxiety and Arousal

Anxiety, Arousal and Stress Quiz for learners on the BTEC National Diploma/Certificate in Sports Studies award for the Psychology for Sports Performance unit
What D is is the theory where performance increases in proportion to arousal?. What T is is the type of anxiety that is governed by our personality?. What C is the theory that claims performance decreases dramatically beyond the best arousal level?. What S is a perceived inability to cope with a demand? . What S is the type of anxiety in a particular situation?. What PR suffered climate stress in the Athens Olympics in 2004?. What MT suffered conflict stress and returned home from the 2006 Ashes tour?. What A is a state of alertness varying from deep sleep to intense excitement?. What A is a negative aspect of stress as a response?. What W is suffered frustration stress getting sent off in the 2006 FIFA World Cup?. What P is is the nervous system producing the relaxation response?. What H is is the learned or dominant response in drive theory?. What M is a sign of physiological stress?. What O is a word used to describe the best level for maximum performance?. What C is used as another phrase for mental stress? . What S is used as another phrase for physical stress?. What E is is used to describe a performer who needs to feel under pressure to perform well?. What W is a sign of psychological stress?. What C is when an athletes performance deteriorates at the crucial moment?. What E is is the type of personality that needs more arousal to perform well?.
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