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General Questions on Mathematics GCSE Level
What F is a number which can fit exactly into another number?. What S is another word for divide?. What Q fits exactly 4 times into one whole?. What T fits exactly twice into one fifth?. What P is normally a measure out of one hundred?. What L is the name of an equation that if plotted would give a straight line?. What Q is the name of an equation if plotted would give a curved line?. What A is the use of letters within maths?. What S is name used when solving 2 equations together to find 2 unknowns?. What S is type of graph plotted to find whether 2 variables are correlated?. What K is a measure of length within the metric system?. What Q is the name for a four sided shape?. What P is the name for a five sided shape?. What P is the name for a number which can only be divided by itself and one?. What S is another name for a number pattern?. What M is a measure of average which requires you to list the numbers in order to find it?. What R is a measure of spread?. What H is a six sided shape?. What H is the name for the longest side on any right angled triangle?. What T is a method of finding lengths and angles within triangles?.
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