ICT Unit 7.1 Lesson 1

Introduction to new year 7's and first part of ICT Unit 7.1 Lesson 1
What M is a means of communication?. What T are letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks?. What S is music, speech or other noise?. What G is pictures, clip art, paintings, graphs etc?. What S is a prepared document projected onto a screen?. What P is a collection of slides?. What U is the first part of your log on?. What P is a secret you must not tell anyone?. What F is the place you will keep your work?. What G must be kept clear in class?. What F must not be eaten in class?. What D must not be taken near computers?. What N must be kept down when in class?. What M is the folder on the computer that has your work?. What does the I in ICT stand for?. What does the C stand for in ICT?. What does the T stand for in ICT?. What P is the software we use to make presentations?. What P is copying someone else's work?. What C is the equipment we use in ICT?.
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