Civil and Criminal Law

Civil and Criminal Law Quiz for GCSE students.
Which is the Court which would deal with Minor traffic offences?. Which C court would settle a dispute between neighbours?. What B is the standard of proof in civil cases?. Which H court would decide in a defamation case?. Which D is a money award made by a civil court?. Which C prosecutes in a Criminal case?. What C is the name given to the person starting a civil action?. What D is the term for the person who is being sued?. What L is the decision when the defendant is unsuccessful?. What J makes the decision about a case in a Crown court?. What J passes sentence in a Crown court?. What P argues the defendants guilt in a Crown court?. What D attempts to convince the jury of the defendants innocence?. What D is a famous civil case involving ginger beer?. What S is a criminal case where a beer glass was thrown?. What F is a case involving a car and a policeman's foot?. What J describes taking another's vehicle and driving it around?. What T is permanently depriving someone of their property?. What P is a possible sentence for a criminal offence?. What R is the standard of proof in a Criminal case?.
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