Business Costs

Costs of Production - Fixed and Variable.
What R is an example of a fixed cost related to premises?. What S costs must be paid before trading can commence?. What R costs have to be paid throughout the life of the business?. What F is an example of a variable cost when using a vehicle ?. What T is the sum of both Fixed and Variable Costs?. What V is a cost that is related directly to output?. What F is a cost that does not change as output changes?. What S is a fixed cost related to employees?. What D is the fall in value of a fixed asset?. What I is taken out to reduce business risks? . What O is a term used to describe most fixed costs?. What R must be more than total cost in order that a profit is made?. What A is the cost per unit of output?. What S is the cost category for paper clips, pens, envelopes etc?. What L is normally the largest cost for UK businesses?. What M is the cost of ingredients when making a product?. What P is made when costs are less than revenue? . What L is made when costs are greater than revenue?. What B happens when costs and revenue are the same amount?. What C is a variable cost related to the sale of goods and services?.
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