Psychodynamic Blockbusters particularly relating to the work of Freud.
What F was a medical doctor who was interested in using psychology to treat patients?. What U is the mental process of which the thinker is unaware?. What I is the part of the personality that seeks purely to receive pleasure?. What L is sexual energy?. What O is the stage when the child's development largely revolves around the mouth?. What E is the part of the personality that makes conscious and logical decisions?. What A is when development is centred around bowel control and potty training?. What O is when rivalry develops between the child and same sex parent?. What D is the 'royal road to the unconscious'?. What S is the moral aspect of the personality?. What F is a slip of the tongue that might reveal something we really want?. What P is When children focus on gender and gendered relationships?. What F are adult behaviours associated with a psycho-sexual stage in childhood?. What P refers to a set of theories, concepts, therapies that look at the unconscious mind?. What M is the scene or story of a dream?. What L is a hidden wish in a dream? . What D is the process by which the underlying wish is transformed into manifest content?. What D is when we change one person or object into another?. What S is when an object or action serves as a symbol for another?. What E are the guidelines that state what is right and wrong in psychology?.
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