Earth... the one and only?

Earth, its atmosphere and its place in the Solar System for Year 7.
What D is the length of time it takes for a planet to turn once on its axis?. What Y is the time it takes for a planet to complete one orbit around its star?. What M is a body that orbits a planet?. What T is usually higher for planets close to a star?. What W is found in liquid form only on Earth?. What S is the name for our Sun and it's planets?. What A is the layer of gas surrounding a planet?. What F do scientists use to estimate when life on Earth began?. What S is the type of rock most likely to contain fossils?. What O is about 20% of the Earths atmosphere?. What M is gas that makes up over 80% of the mass of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune?. What G is the force that stops the atmosphere floating off into space?. What R is a life process dependent on oxygen?. What G is caused by carbon dioxide and helps keep Earth warm enough to live on?. What O is the circular path that a planet takes around a star?. What A is the imaginary line that a planet spins on?. What T are the movement of liquids on the surface of a planet caused by the gravity of a moon?. What E is when all members of a species die out?. What V is something that can change, usually in an experiment?. What F is something to consider before when making a decision?.
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