Creative Product Promotion

Business and Product Marketing Quiz
What B is a set of beliefs that customers hold about a particular brand?. What B is a strongly motivated and long standing decision to purchase a particular good or service?. What D is the delivery of an advertising or promotional message to customers by mail?. What L is a graphic, a symbol or a group of letters that identifies a company or brand?. What M is a formal description of the mission of a business?. What N can be defined as a good, service or idea that is perceived by customers as new?. What O are measurable aims of a business set for a given period?. What P is defined as anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs?. What P consists of a blend of five main kinds of promotional tools?. What P is the planned effort to establish and maintain goodwill between a business and its public?. What P is designed to promote a business and its products by obtaining media coverage not paid for?. What S supports an event, activity or organisation by providing money or resources that is of value?. What T is a group of potential customers sharing common needs and characteristics?. What T is a legal designation indicating that the owner has exclusive use of a brand?. What U is a customer benefit that no other product can claim?. What D is recording, analysing and tracking of customer behaviour to develop a marketing strategy?. What L is information that can be used for various promotional, informational and legal purposes?. What P is the activity of designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product?. What P is oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale?. What P is the set of all product lines and items that a business offers for sale to buyers?.
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