Australian Animals

Australian Animals: plenary quiz for social subjects topic Australia.
What K is an animal that eats Eucalyptus Leaves?. What K is an animal that carries a joey in its pouch?. What P is an animal that lives in fresh water and burrows for security and protection?. What A is an animal that lives in the Simpson Desert and is not fond of heat?. What B has had a lot of publicity in Australia and become the symbol of Easter instead of a rabbit?. What B W is the largest mammal found on the planet?. What S is the worlds largest reptile and is found on the North coast of Australia? . What D is Australia's wild dog?. What E is the largest flightless bird, has 3 toes and long legs?. What F S resides between Victoria and Tasmania in Bass Strait?. What G is a solitary animal that attacks its prey and leaves them to bleed to death? . What H S is found through the South East of Australia and is hairy with long legs . What M is also known as the blind sand burrower?. What P is widespread in Australia and a major pest. An arboreal marsupial?. What S is a reptile that has venom that can cause death in humans if untreated?. What R is Australian most well known deadly spider?. What T is the most endangered animal is Australia and is found in swamps in Northern Perth?. What W S lives in small burrows or under leaves and hunts its prey like a wild canine?. What W is widespread, a favourite Australian animal and the size of a pig? . What T is found in Tasmania and is ferocious with a bad temper?.
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