General Forces Questions

Forces words recap from KS3.
What F force is slowing you down when you hit the brakes on a bike?. What P force moves a car forward?. What AR is slowing you down when you use parachute? . What U force allows a boat to float?. What G is a force is pulling you downwards toward the centre of the Earth?. What W is a force on a mass caused by gravity?. What N is force measured in?. What WR is a force formed when boat moves through the water?. What L is an oily substance used to reduce the frictional force?. Fast car needs to have a S shape so it will not hit a lot of air particles.. What A is the force between two magnets when opposite poles are brought together?. What R happens when two magnets try to avoid each other?. What P is the force applied when a broken car is towed away?. I is a common metal which is magnetic?. What M is the stuff objects are made of and does not change even in a space or other planets?. What MF is the area where you can detect a magnetic force?. What B is when two forces are opposite and have the same size?. What U are two forces acting together but that don't have the same size?. What A happens to a car when the push from the engine is bigger than friction?. What S is the speed of a car when the forces on it are balanced?.
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