Equality and Diversity Quiz

This quiz deals with the basic definitions which relate to equality and diversity to promote discussion of issues and check understanding.
What L is a law made by government?. What D is a variety of different people in the population?. What P is to negatively assume things about others who are different to you?. What S is a mistaken idea about a culture or group of people different to you?. What D is to treat a person less favourably than another for reasons of prejudice. What R is to treat someone differently because of their race?. What S is to treat man and women differently becasue of their gender?. What B is to intimidate others either verbally or physically?. What H is persistent, unwanted offensive behaviour?. What D is a law that aims to give disabled people the same rights as non-disabled people?. What E is to treat everybody the same?. What C is to formally tell a person or organisation if you're unhappy with their services/products?. What F is to treat people equally, without bias?. What A is to treat someone differently because of their age?. What A is the beliefs, feelings and values that you hold, which make you act in certain ways?. What C is the attitude and behaviour of a particular social group or organisation?. What R is a faith or belief system?. What E is a persons race or family's national origin?. What R is an act that prohibits all forms of discrimination on grounds of race, colour etc.. What S is an act that states that people of different genders should be treated the same?.
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