Sc1 Investigation Key Words

Key Sc1 vocabulary for SATs revision
What F are things you can change in an investigation?. What Q are answered by science investigations?. What P do we make before an investigation about what we think is going to happen?. What F is ensured by keeping all conditions the same in an investigation?. What R is done to ensure that results are made more reliable?. What C is a summary of what you have found out in your investigation?. What G can be drawn to help us interpret our results?. What R are data we collect when we do our investigation?. What O is the number of factors you change in a fair test?. What E is all the stuff you need to do your investigation?. What I is a test in science to find the answer to a question?. What S is a subject about investigating the world we live in?. What O is just studying something without interfering?. What P do we look for in data to draw a conclusion?. What C are the sort of words that predictions contain?. What D can we draw to help explain our method?. What M are instuctions for how we will carry out our investigation?. What V is another word that means factor?. What A is another word that means equipment?. What E is an investigation carried out by scientists?.
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