Energy Blockbusters

Energy and Electricity, suitable for use with QCA unit 9I.
What A measures the current flowing around a circuit?. What C is a flow of electrons around a circuit?. What E is a type of energy?. What F are formed from the remains of dead plants and animals, eg. coal, oil, natural gas?. What G is a large coil of wire with a magnet inside that turns movement into electrical energy?. What H is a type of energy that makes something hot?. What J is the unit for measuring energy?. What K is is the amount of energy used by a 1kW appliance in 1 hour?. What L is one type of energy given out by a light bulb?. What N is a type of energy resource that will run out and we cannot replace?. What P is the scientific word for 'stored energy'?. What R makes it more difficult for current to flow through a circuit?. What S is a type of energy that is associated with noise?. What T is when energy is moved from one place to another?. What V is a component that measures voltage?. What E is the percentage of energy that is used usefully?. What W is energy that is not useful?. What W is the unit for measuring power. One Joule per second?. What A is the unit for measuring current?. What C is a type of energy that is stored in cells, food and fuel?.
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