Separation of Mixtures

Key vocabulary for separating of mixtures using chromatography, distillation, evaporation and filtration.
What S is the name for the substance which is dissolved?. What S is a mixture where something is dissolved in something else?. What S do you use to describe something which can dissolve?. What E occurs when a liquid changes into a gas?. What C can be used to separate the different colours in ink?. What D can be used to separate a liquid from a dissolved solid?. What F can be used to separate a liquid and an undissolved solid?. What F is the name for a liquid which has been filtered?. What R is the substance left behind when a mixture is filtered?. What H is needed to evaporate a liquid?. What C occurs when the gas produced by distillation is cooled again?. What S is the name for something in which another substance can dissolve?. What C must happen to condense the gas produced by distillation?. What different Cs can be seen as a result of chromatography?. What E can be used to separate a dissolved solid from a liquid?. What B can be used to heat a mixture during distillation or evaporation?. What D can be used to separate a mixture of different liquids?. What F is used to collect the undissolved solid part of a mixture?. What E is a common solvent used for things which won't dissolve in water?. What P describes the product of distillation?.
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