phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs at FCE level (n.b. "insist on" might not be a phrasal verb, but I wanted different letters!)
What A is to request news of someone?. What B is to look after and educate a child?. What C is to find by accident?. What D is to fall asleep?. What E is to go out for dinner?. What F is to argue and stop being friends with someone?. What G is to stop doing something?. What H is to put own the phone?. What K is to continue doing something?. What L is to disappoint someone?. What M is to invent (for example a story)?. What O is to admit to doing something bad?. What P is to learn something without teaching?. What R is to have no more of something left?. What S is to begin a journey?. What T is to start to like something or someone?. What J is to take part in something?. What W is to calculate something?. What U is to finish all of something?. What I is to demand that something must happen?.
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