Fossil fuels, Pollution and Alternatives

Teams do battle to see who is the best at understanding different types of power, energy, fuels and pollution!
What E is produced by power stations?. What G is used in a fossil fuel power station?. What N is the name of all power stations connected together?. What S is an alternative energy source?. What C is a main Greenhouse Gas? . What C is another name for burning fuels?. What S is a gas that is responsible for acid rain?. What C is a fossil fuel used by power stations?. What O is used as a source of energy in a power station?. What S is like a very thick fog caused by air pollutants?. What G is the result of the Greenhouse effect?. What P is the result of burning fuels?. What E is damaged by pollutants?. What K is an energy form used to produce electricity by wind turbines?. What N is another "alternative" energy?. What B is an energy source that uses chemical energy?. What G is part of a power plant that GENERATES electricity?. What R is the term used to describe energy sources that will not run out?. What H is a type of alternative power station?. What A is a type of pollution?.
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