Year 6 plants

A quiz testing the vocabulary in QCA Unit 6A Interdependence and Adaption
What R is needed by a plant to take in nutrients?. What F is used to add extra nutrients to soil?. What N are needed by plants to help them grow?. What F is the representation of feeding relationships in a habitat?. What C is the part of the food chain which eats others?. What S is needed by plants to provide nutrients?. What A describes the way in which the roots hold the a plant in the soil?. What O is the way in which we 'look' at things?. What H is name of a place where animals or plants live?. What P is at the beginning of a food chain?. What D is a feature you can observe about soil?. What W is needed by a plant and is taken in by the roots ?. What A is the way in which animals and plants change to suit their surroundings?. What D is the way in which dead plants break down?. What H is an plant-eater?. What C is an animal-eater?. What P has roots, petals and leaves?. What P is an animal which hunts another?. What P is the way in which plants use sunlight?. What A is able to breath, grow and move?.
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