Teeth and Eating

Yr 3 quiz to cover all main vocabulary from Teeth and Eating unit of work.
What I are the teeth for biting into food?. What C are the teeth for tearing food? . What M are the teeth for chewing food?. What D is the person you visit to check your teeth?. What C is found in milk, yoghurt and cheese, and keeps bones and teeth strong?. What P helps us to grow, and is found in meat, fish, eggs and beans?. What C gives us energy, and is found in pasta, rice, bread, cereal, and potatoes?. What V keeps us healthy, and are found in fruit and vegetables?. What M keeps us healthy, and is found in fruit and vegetables? . What F do we need to keep us healthy, but only a small amount of?. What H is the name for animals that don't eat meat?. What C is the name for animals who ONLY eat meat?. What O is the name for animals who eat meat and non-meat, for example humans?. What M is the name of the teeth which fall out when you are a child?. What B is what you can do twice a day to keep your teeth healthy?. What E do teeth help us to do?. What S do teeth help us to do?. What F is the recommended number of portions of fruit and vegetables a day to keep us healthy?. What W do we need to drink a lot of to keep us healthy?. What B is the way to describe a healthy diet?.
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